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I think every novice photographer was faced with a moment of stupor, at a certain stage of his work. Today, we are surrounded by an crazy amount of information, lessons, courses and even schools, under the slogan «Retouch in 20 minutes», «Learning to retouch from scratch», etc… I believe, that you know what I mean. I hasten to upset you — this is impossible. A few years ago, I set myself the goal — to study the retouch of photography and bring it to the ideal. Without anyone's help. Without master classes, lessons. Exclusively on my own mistakes. And today, I can say with confidence — I have something to share! Retouching is the language of photography, and it is the most complex thing. During the photographer’s career, I developed a processing method and adjusted it to my own working, creative tasks. My goal is not to train — but to show that it's not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to understand how every single thing works. The next thing is a matter of experience, attempts and mistakes. There are many photographers, just like me miss one little thing, little impulse to make high-quality, expensive and recognizable work. I want to give it.

Training. Tim Chase Photographer
Training. Tim Chase Photographer

What this course for? 

  • To help everyone who wants to raise their level in photo processing. 
  • To learn basic knowledge in working with graphic editors.
  • For those who want to improve their retouching.
  • For photographers who want to find their own style.
  • For those wishing to study Frequency Decomposition.

Базовый курс 

6 часов

Training. Tim Chase Photographer
  1. Вопрос/Ответ. Определение уровня. Разбор работ. 
  2. Что нужно для идеальной картинки? 
  3. Lightroom: Знакомство с редактором. Что и для чего.
  4. Работа с пресетами.
  5. Lightroom: Основа цветокоррекции. Светотень. Цвет. Тонирование.
  6. Lightroom: Экспорт и Импорт.
  7. Работа с пресетами

Бонус: Photoshop: Знакомство с редактором. Что и для чего.

6 000 рублей

4 500 рублей

 PRO ретушь

10 часов

Training. Tim Chase Photographer
  1. Цветокоррекция.
  2. Работа с деталями. Чистка фона. 
  3. Частотное разложение на 3 частоты.
  4. Dodge & Burn
  5. Работа со слоями. Кривые и Контраст. 
  6. Ретушь одежды. Частотное разложение на 2 частоты.
  7. Кадрирование. Трансформирование. Пластика и Резкость.
  8. Photoshop и Adobe Camera Raw  — Идеальная цветокоррекция.

10 000 рублей

7 000 рублей

Full course

You can also purchase a full 7-day training course in Color Correction and Journal Retouching. Including an in-depth study of Frequency Decomposition, work with creative and magazine photography. That will allow you to thoroughly strengthen your knowledge. After completing the full course, you will find pleasant bonuses:

  1. All lessons in Full HD files
  2. Source files from each lesson
  3. Frequency decomposition actions for 2 and 3 frequencies, with tips.
  4. Exclusive copyright presets for Lightroom.
  5. Feedback for a month.



Training. Tim Chase Photographer

How it works? 

We will use the Skype for training. This program transmits a picture in Full HD frequency with maximum detail and allows you to record a video lesson in HQ. You will see my every movement in photo editors in the exact projection of my monitor on your screen. That will allow you to repeat my actions in real-time recording of each lesson remains with you, for further study and repetition of all the material passed. After each lesson, I will give you homework of passed material — to fix your knowledge. Each lesson will begin with a checking your homework.

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