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В ногу со временем

12 обновленных, авторских пресета, в духе современного мегаполиса — то, что нужно для стильной картинки. Грамотно подобранные тона, идеально передадут атмосферу вашего города.

1999 рублей


Огонь и Вода

12 авторских пресета, идеально подойдут для фотографий воды, огня или песчаных дюн.Никакой мутной, зеленой воды.Никаких блеклых оттенков.Только то, от чего захватывает дух.

2499 рублей


Безгранично черный

12 обновленных, авторских пресета, специально созданных для тех, кто любит черный.Абсолютно черный.

1999 рублей

Street Beat 

Keeping up with the times

8 creator's presets in cold tones will perfectly show the atmosphere of a big city. What is its uniqueness? It is inspired by the atmosphere of a big city. Bright, yellow taxis. Urban skyscrapers and all this — in the spirit of the modern metropolis

4500 ₽

3500  ₽


Deep Black

8 creator's presets in a contrast style is ideal for street portraits. Each of them will emphasize the atmosphere of the frame with its character. Many of you, of course, know my boundless love for black. This pack is inspired by metropolitan locations that I studied, searched for, throughout my career. This is the case when I want to quickly upload the captured, fresh material — it's possible.

4500 ₽

3500 ₽

Dark & Steel

Steel. Power. Speed.

8 original, exclusive presets in dark colors, perfectly emphasize the nature of the frame. What you have been waiting for! Yes — this pack is dedicated to my dear friends on iron horses. The story of my appearance in this circle will remain with me forever. But the spirit is here.

Steel. Power and Speed. All this under a matte, dark shell perfectly conveys the character and atmosphere of these guys.

5000 ₽

4000 ₽

Limited edition

It is recommended to adjust the exposure and white balancefor each photo individually to use presets with full efficiency. Presets are used on both the computer and mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom

Обучение обработки. Tim Chase Photographer
Обучение обработки. Tim Chase Photographer
Обучение обработки. Tim Chase Photographer
Обучение обработки. Tim Chase Photographer

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